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Dr. Gregory Allen - Medical Spa Doctor

Dr. Gregory Allen   knew from a very young age he wanted to be a doctor. After dedicating two years to his LDS mission, and a short stint playing college football, Dr. Allen reconnected with his calling to practice medicine. 

Prior to opening his own family practice, Dr. Allen opened Tera Fe Med Spa formerly know as  Deseret Aesthetics and Lifestyle Institute in 2008 where he expresses his passion for skin care and hormone replacement therapy. 


Dr. Allen is board certified in Family Practice, but found his passion for hormone replacement therapy.  While treating patients, he realized most symptoms of hormone deficiency were being treated with anti-depressants.  Eager to find a healthier, more natural way to help.  Dr. Allen began working with national experts in BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy).    In the past ten years , he has become a local expert in hormone replacement therapy.  Dr. Allen has also lectured at anti-aging conferences all over the nation.


To continue raising skin-cancer awareness, he founded the Shun the Sun Skin Cancer Foundation that educates children and family on the importance of proper sun protection.


Dr. Allen has a beautiful wife, Tera, and five children who also share in his passion for the health  and wellness.


 In his free time, he enjoys attending seminars where he can expand his knowledge and expertise in both the medical and aesthetic fields.

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