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.0.0.1 [root@ubuntu-server tmp]# nslookup Server: Address: Name: Address: Name: Address: And there is no cached information for this IP. Why is DNS slow in my environment? Is it a simple misconfiguration on my end? A: First of all check if your dns cache is up to date, if your ubuntu-server is using the most up to date version of /etc/resolv.conf, then probably this is the case. If this is not the case, try resubmitting your query, this will result to a new dns request being sent, and eventually to a new entry being cached. import { Hook, useState, useEffect } from'react'; import { useDispatch, useSelector } from'react-redux'; import { createUrl } from'react-router'; import { withRouter } from'react-router-dom'; import { isPlatformBrowser, isPlatformServer, isPlatformWindows, isPlatformMobile, isPlatformLinux, isPlatformAndroid, isPlatformAndroidServer, isPlatformBrowserAndServer, isPlatformMobileAndServer, isPlatformLinuxAndServer, isPlatformWindowsAndServer, isPlatformMac } from './util'; const ERROR_MESSAGE = 'Error: isPlatform() not supported'; export const useHook = () => { const [isPlatform, setIsPlatform] = useState(null); useEffect(() => { const isPlatformClient = isPlatform(); if (isPlatformClient && isPlatformWindows) { setIsPlatform(false); return; } const isPlatformServer = isPlatform(); if (isPlatformServer)




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1001bit Pro Crack Free 127 [2022]

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